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Alan Franzi, M.S., CYT, P.A.S, brings over 25 years experience teaching yoga and counseling in the New Haven and Shoreline area.You can  Contact Alan  at (203)488-1700. Alan is certificate trained in Sivananda yoga, Integrative Yoga therapy, Kundalini yoga (with Ravi Singh and Ana Brett) and Gestalt psychotherapy.He is also a Posture Therapy Specialist (PAS) certified by Egoscue University® in San Diego California.

Yoga & Postural Therapy

Chronic pain and the limitations it can create are increasing in epidemic proportions. Creative Edge Yoga’s non-medical solution to chronic pain is to create an individualized posture alignment therapy program based on a functional approach to awareness and movement. It is a comprehensive approach developed from the principles of Yoga and  the postural exercise paradigm of Pete Egoscue. 


Creative Edge Yoga, LLC provides individual yoga and meditation instruction, group classes, yoga therapy, and posture alignment therapy in the New Haven-Shoreline area of Connecticut.


The Spring Series of class begins on March 25, 2014, Download the pdf of the Spring class schedule here: 

  Alan_Franzi_Spring2014_Schedule_All_Locations.pdf (252.7 KiB, 186 hits)

Get started on a path to enjoy a Pain Free lifestyle this winter as the Saturday morning Pain Free Yoga class continues. Join or drop in anytime!

"Yoga classes, yoga therapy, and posture alignment therapy offered by Alan Franzi in New Haven, Branford, Guilford, Madison and the Connecticut Shoreline"

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